Thursday, May 7, 2009

Rose and Geranium Propagation - One Week Later

It has been one week since I planted the rose and geranium leaf and stem cuttings. The bags were looking somewhat deflated, so I decided to open them up to have a look inside and to give the plants some fresh air.

The geranium plant bags had the most moisture locked in. See how wet the inside of the bags are? The rose stems, however, had minimal moisture. I wonder if it's because the leafy geranium leaves "breathe" more.
The first bag I opened was the geranium stems and whole leaves. The plant leaves looked lush and healthy. I have the most confidence in the success of this propagation.
You can see that this container has one geranium stem and then lots of leaves. I'm not sure if the leaves will actually grow, but it is optimistic that they haven't wilted yet.
The cut-up geranium leaf experiment seems to be doing fine. The edges of the leaves have healed over, but the rest of the leaf is still fresh looking. I don't have much confidence in the success of these leaf cuttings, but I'm still curious if it will work.
As you can see, my rose stems aren't in the greatest condition. They came from a mostly finished bouquet, and the leaves you see now were already wilted by the time I planted these stems. The stems themselves, however, are still green.
It also appears that the stem buds are still alive as well.
The top of this lower bud was already wilted when I planted it, but the base is still green. This could be a losing battle, but I'm going to give it a good run before I give up. If these rose stems don't work, I'll find some fresher rose stems to try again.

How are your garden projects coming along? Any luck?


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Happy Gardening!

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