Saturday, May 23, 2009

Rose And Geranium Propagation - Three Weeks Later

Well, it's three weeks later! Let's see how the rose and geranium cuttings are doing, shall we? The geranium cuttings are still alive and well. One of the single leaf-with-its-stem is starting to yellow, but all the other leaves and stems are doing well. I have taken the plastic off for about half a week now.In a moment of curiosity, I decided to gently tip the container upside down to see if there were any roots developed yet. I rinsed the cuttings in a pot of water and look what I discovered - ROOTS!
Some of the stems had just a few little roots, but they are good sized roots that look pretty good! I'm a bit confused as to how a new plant will grow from a single leaf, but oh well!
This single leaf stem had lots of roots! Wow, I'm impressed. It also appears to have something that looks like a base where other leaves could grow from, so I think it will do well.
This particular cutting had some pretty good-sized root development, so I decided it was good enough to plant. I think I could have given it another week, but I'm impatient :P
I dug a big hole beside the original parent geranium and buried it with love. Ah, my first propagated geranium. What bliss!
I repotted the rest of the geranium stems cuttings. The 2 root and lotta roots single stem cuttings got their own pot. Once they have some more leaf development, I can transplant them or give them away.

Out of the 6 cuttings that I started, 3 of them do not have any root development yet (50% success rate). Surprisingly, the largest proper stem cutting is one of them. I wonder if the thicker stem is more aged and doesn't develop roots as easily anymore. The perfect cutting was a thinner stem cutting from the top or side. I am going to let them continue to attempt to grow roots since they have not wilted.
The geranium leaf cutting experiment shows that the leaf cuttings don't work. Look how shrivelly they are! Terrible...
The rose stem cutting experiment is going very well. Two of the stems worked, and one didn't.
Look at the wonderful red and orangy leaves growing out from the successful stems! They're beautiful.
They're reaching out now for more sunshine. This is a good sign that the stems have probably taken root. I am leaving the plastic bag on for another week. It is still sealed with the twist tie, but I am opening it each week to give it some fresh air.

Happy Gardening!


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Happy Gardening!

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Lee said...

I've had about a 50% success rate with my geranium cuttings. Those that rooted are now planted in my tubs on the patio, and four of them have got well-developed flower buds.

Gabriela Delworth said...

Hello Marie,

Geraniums are great plants and so easy to care for. Every Spring I make new ones to keep and give away.
Just put them outside and they are blooming like crazy.