Saturday, May 23, 2009

Dahlia Propagation - Two Weeks Later

While I was checking up on the 3 week old geranium cuttings, I also checked on the Dahlia stem cuttings I propagated 2 weeks ago.
All of the cuttings are still alive. The original larger leaves look a bit pale and thirsty (prompting me to shower them regularly with water), but additional leaves are developing readily.
I gently tipped the contents out and rinsed the stems in a pot of water to inspect the progress of root development. Almost all of the stems show some root growth. Some stems had a single strong root growing out.
Some show budding root tips all along the buried portion of the stem. It's quite amazing.
Some are a little farther along in root development than others. I put this particular stem in its own pot since I know for sure that it will do fine. My friend Joanne will probably call dibs on it when it's ready to transplant :) (Right, Jo?)
It's amazing to watch Nature at work. I love how resilient these plant species are in trying to create new life from cut-off stems and leaves.

Dahlia Propagation - Week Three

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