Saturday, June 27, 2009

Look Who's Visiting! A Monarch Butterfly!

I slowly edged up to the large, timid butterfly perched precariously on my vivid cosmos. This was going to be the photograph of the century. I raised my camera, adjusted the settings... RING-RING-RING! I jumped, and the butterfly took off into the air. "Aw, drats!" I exclaimed. "This better be a VERY important phone call!"

It was V. calling to say hi. I told him the inopportune moment that he had called at, and he was very sorry that he had scared away my perfect butterfly Kodak moment. Looking out his window, he noted that there was not one but TWO monarch butterflies taking lunch among his lilies. He made a haste goodbye and promised butterfly pictures.

But a few minutes later, I had butterfly pictures in my inbox. Ah, how lovely! V. had held true to his word.

And now here they are for your enjoyment as well. I have used one full-sized image as my desktop and it looks GLORIOUS! I love it! Thanks, V.


Joyce said...

Wow it's beautiful! i have to look at my lilies more often to see if there are any visitors :)

Alison Arif said...

What a lovely sight! I am hoping to go to a butterfly house at the weekend so I am sure there will be plenty of photo opportunities there.

Linda said...

These are lovely pictures.