Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Flying Bird Card Tutorial

It was my friend's birthday today, so I decided to make her a card last night. I thought you might like to see the process, so here it is in tutorial form.

To make this card, you will need the following supplies:
  1. Double-sided cardstock
  2. Double-sided tape
  3. Normal tape
  4. Ink pen for drawing details
  5. Thin ribbon for decoration
  6. Fancy edging scissors (scallop)
  7. Regular scissors
First, cut your double-sided cardstock into an 8 inch by 5 inch piece.
Make a crease down the middle. I used the grids in my paper cutter and just slid my nail down a ridge. If you don't have something like this, just skip to the next step. The crease just helps make the fold cleaner.
Fold your paper in half.
Trim off about half a centimeter for the front edge. This is just to make scalloping the edges next a little easier.
Scallop the edge using the fancy edging scissors.
Cut out a bird shape in a contrasting colour to the front of your card. Cut out 2 beak shapes.
Tape the beak shapes into place on the back of the bird.
Use double-sided tape to paste the bird shape to the front of the card.
Use an ink pen to draw eyes and stitch lines around the border of the bird shape.
Cut 2 identical wing shapes.

Hint: fold paper over and cut 2 shapes at once.
Tape one wing to the bird using double-sided tape.
Fold the second wing in half.
Draw stitch lines around the border.
Use double-sided tape to attach the 2nd wing to the upper side of the 1st wing. This gives the wing a 3-dimensional look.
Use a small hole punch to punch holes along the side of the scalloped edge. I used a ruler to draw a straight line where I wanted the holes and punched one hole every 3 bumps on the scalloping.
Tie a thin ribbon around the center of your card with the bow on the outside.
Trim the ribbon ends to match the length of the loops of your bow. Cut on an angle.
The inside will have a thin ribbon running down the center.
Cut a wavy box shape. This is easy to do since you don't have to cut straight at all and it can be approximate. I chose a lined pattern because I will be writing my message in this box.
Use double-sided to tape to paste the box to your card. Tuck the box shape closer to the center so that you won't see it through the hole punches when you have your card closed.
Use an ink pen to roughly outline the box shape. Keep the line loose and outside of your box shape by a bit.
Draw a curly bow on top. Now the card is ready for your thoughtful message.

Hint: For an alternate design, you could put this curly box shape design onto the front of a birthday card!
Ta da! All done! Won't your friends be impressed with this marvelous creation!

Don't forget to post photos of your finished work on the Flickr page here.

Happy Crafting!
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Alicia Istanbul said...

Wow, gorgeous! And you make it look so easy :)

Almay Alday said...

I really enjoy making cards! Love your tutorial!