Saturday, October 10, 2009

Designing and Printing - The Joys Of An Online Artist

I spent the day designing cards and other lovely print goods.A friend asked for a print of an artwork that I had made so I had to do some investigating on various online print companies. I came across Cafe Press and started a shop there, but I found it a bit difficult to use compared with Etsy. It's not very user friendly, at least in the free version. I'm not sure what the premium paid version is like, but the free version is not a good selling point to me.

Also, the base price of Cafe Press is very high so they are taking basically the entire price of the product. You would need to sell a LOT of things to turn a profit.I get regular offers from Vista Print, but I had not tried them out yet. I figured I didn't have much to lose so I started designing some cards and prints based on their size and resolution requirements. Shipping was expensive at about $17 dollars for the slowest delivery of 21 days, but I had a big order so it made things better. I'm hoping that it will turn out nicely because then I'll definitely order more things in the future.These images are just samples of what they SHOULD look like when they are done, but I have no idea if this is how they will turn out. I am sort of scared that they won't look like this. I'll keep my fingers crossed. At any rate, they won't arrive for another 21 days at least.

Ah, the waiting game.

What do you think of the designs? Do you like them?

Have a happy day!


Joyce said...

Love the designs!! I get a lot of stuff from vistaprint too when they give me the free upload option :) said...

The free upload is awesome. When I first set up my order, I didn't have that option available. Luckily, I took so long to set up my order that a new email came in offering the free upload. It instantly dropped the price significantly! Thank goodness for it!