Sunday, October 11, 2009

Kid Bot and Nervous Bot

I decided to make more robots because I love it. Here are two new fellas. Meet Kid Bot! Kid Bot loves to play. His favourite hobbies are soccer, Lego, and building forts (in the living room). He also likes to dress up and pretend that he's something else - like a Pirate! Oddly enough, he also like to pretend to be a ballerina. That makes his mum worried.
This is Nervous Bot. Nervous Bot is looking for true love, but he's really nervous around the ladies. He wears his good luck legs to give him courage when he goes out to meet new people, but the pink polka dots seem to do him more harm than good. Perhaps you can overlook his flaws in light of his underlying good character and sensitivity?
Paper Bots make fun home decor. You can pose them on your fridge to make fun scenes and to accessorize your fridge magnets, such as that flower basket shown above. Why have a boring fridge when you can cover it with awesome robots?
As you can see, Paper Bots can also make fun additions to things like bouquets. Kid Bot looks so adorable peeking out like that. You could easily add a bot to your bouquets by just sticking them among the blooms.
Another idea is to tape a thin wooden dowel to the back. Then you can poke the Bot into the bouquet without worrying about it falling off. You could poke your Bot into any household plant to make it look like you have robots hanging around the house! Don't put paper Bots where it gets wet though since that would mean melted Bots :(

You can find these new Bots in the shop.

Have a happy day!


Kelly Miller said...

Luv Luv Luv your blog! Very inspiring. I hope 2 1 day have a blog as awesome as this 1. I'm such a timid introverted person, I've been so iffy about really putting my true self and all my talents on my blog. But u have given me the go. I can't help but b motivated now.
Keep up the great blogging!

-MissKArt said...

Awww, Kelly you are so sweet! I have faith in you and your talents. Keep up all the hard work, and I know you will be great!


ArtTales said...

how cute are they!! you know I'm going to have to get more

Lucky Pebble said...

I'm totally loving these paper bots.

esque said...

Oh they are so wonderfully cute! Yay for robots!


tattytiara said...

Ah haha - if those bots were any cuter they'd turn into kittens. Wonderful stuff! said...

Lol... awesome. Thanks so much! Have a happy Thanksgiving!