Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Winner For The Marang97 Giveaway

It's that moment you've been waiting for - did you win? I know the anticipation is killing you, so before I cause any undue stress or a shortened lifespan, here is the winning entry from the Marang97 Carnation Giveaway...

And the winner is...Congratulations to AnastasiaC for being the lucky winner of the Marang97 giveaway! AnastasiaC's favourite carnation was the Blue Carnation Flower Pin.A HUGE thank you to all who entered! If you didn't win in this giveaway, don't fret! A lovely handmade carnation can still be yours if you head over to Marang97's shop. I noticed that she has some new and pretty flowers listed. It's okay to replace your disappointment with a little shopping. It's good for you. Well, at least that's what I always tell myself...If you reeeeally can't wait until the next giveaway (and there ARE more coming), then you can head over to ArtTales fabulous blog, and enter her giveaway for Lucky, the perfect pet rhino. Once you see him, you will know you want him. You will want to spam her blog with your entries - which I happily did :) But what you will really want to do, is to buy her Leftz. Go have a peek and see why!

Happy shopping!


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AnastasiaC said...

oh wow!!! how lucky am I?? thanks SO much!!!