Monday, November 2, 2009

Whirlwind Move To A NEW HOME

Sorry for any delays in emails and postings! I've been moving to a new house! Phewf! Has it ever been taxing.

I don't actually have Internet set up yet, so I'm sneaking in a quick post during a break in class :)

The new house is great! It's red and white, just like my old place, and it's on a hill, just like my old place. The only difference is that it's a house instead of a townhouse. Otherwise, I'd have to do a double take! Heheheh... There's a really big gardening area though, so I'll have fun showing you what I do with that later on!

Right now, we're focused on unpacking and cleaning. We don't even have a couch yet! The house is really hollow and you can hear an echo when you talk. I think that will change once the carpeting and furniture get put in. It's a pretty nice place, and my mother seemingly loves it. I'm getting used to it too, but it was hard for the first two days. I really missed my old place because I had grown up there and my room was my hideout. At night, I felt like a hermit crab that had been forcefully removed from its shell and I would leave a little light on because it was frightening to be in a new home.

I don't have any pictures here at school to post, but I'll add some later on for you to see. I'm the first one in my family to have their room all set up, partly because I was so hell-bent on making it feel like home again. The rest of them are still sleeping on mattresses on the floor while my room, well, it looks like my room again already, and it's been scrubbed from ceiling to baseboards.

Anyways, I have to get back to class. I have a giveaway to do this week, but you'll have to stay posted for that to happen starting on Tuesday or Wednesday instead when my Internet gets set up again. I apologize sincerely for that, especially to asliceofdelight, but I want to do it right instead of pell-mell right now.

I wish you all sweet dreams, and happy home-making. I'll be wishing the same for myself :P


Chickenbells said...

Well...welcome to your new home...I am excited to see what you do with it!

b.p. said...

congrats! it must be bittersweet to have moved - i'm still unpacking my boxes from years ago (2 binders of YOUR letters haha)

does your phone number remain the same?