Friday, November 13, 2009

High Speed Internet, How Do I Love Thee

Today is my happiest day since moving. I finally, FINALLY, have high speed internet again. You can't imagine the pain of having no Internet and then dial-up Internet. I was DYING!

Text-based pages would take moderately long to load, but the second a picture came up I was doomed to sit there for a very long time. "1 of 6 items loaded" it would say. I could go eat dinner and come back. "5 of 6 items loaded" it would inform me. Aaagghhh! It was basically as good as having no Internet.
How did I manage before with dial-up in high school? But I suppose computers in general were slow back then so slow Internet was nothing to complain about. Perhaps there were just less pictures, and definitely less high quality pictures on the Net back then. Well, times have changed. If you use dial-up, you're never going to get any work done :P

Ah, sweet Internet! And because my Internet company didn't show up two weeks in a row for their scheduled appointment, I have been upgraded to Turbo for free. Sweet, sweet Turbo. It's like my long lost lover, ahahahah! I ran a test at and it showed me 12.94 mb of speedy goodness. My old high speed was probably closer to 2 or 3 since its max was 5 mb. You can try running the test on your computer to see what kinds of speeds you're getting and let me know in the comments. I'll be gladly testing the capabilities of 12.94 mb all day today :D
So I'm back with a fury now, and I hope you haven't missed me too much. I did try to pop in and chat when I could. I set up asliceofdelight's giveaway on dial-up, if you can imagine! That was a feat unto itself. I had to load each of her pictures, copy it, and then upload it to Blogger. With high speed that's a cinch, with dial up it takes hours. Most of my day was devoted to waiting for those pictures to load, lol. So if you haven't signed up for her giveaway yet, please do so. The contest ends today, so be quick and enter now! You just have to leave a comment telling me which of her fabulous soaps you want to win from her shop. C'mon, that's a great way to choose a prize! And Christmas is commmmming...

I know, I know, you didn't want me to remind you that Remembrance Day signifies the end of holidays until Christmas. You wanted to think that you don't have to think of Christmas presents yet, but YOU DO! (Noooooooooo!) I can hear you all cringing now. But the reason I mention it is because I stopped by Canada Post and it recommends sending Christmas packages around the first of December in order for them to arrive on time for Europe. Within Canada, December 11 is your cut-off. For lettermail, like cards, it's about December 16 for within Canada, and December 14 to the USA. That doesn't leave you much time to shop if you want something to be sent on time to your loved ones.

I've shown you some great products from different Etsy stores like Marang97, A Slice of Delight, and those lovely sponsors on the left like A Little Bit Of Pretty. There's also my shop Blue Pandemonium. I've introduced you to sales, promotions, and to to the ingenious concept of trading. If you're a shop owner, ask about trading. If you've found something you really love, but the price isn't right, talk to the shop owners and see if you can get a discount. They might offer you free shipping, or a discount for multiple purchases. You'll never know unless you ask.
Anyways, my ode to Speedy Internet is over. I am off to examine a most lovely package that arrived in the mail for me today. Pics coming next! Wheeee~!

The pics in this post are some local Natural life that I have come across. They are so beautiful! Oh wait, the shrooms are from my old place. Lol...


Caroline said...

I don't know what I'd do without high speed Internet! My parents have satellite and it's not much better than dial-up... I go crazy when I visit them.

Lynn from For Love or Funny said...

I think I'd go cookoo without internet. I'm so glad that yours is up to speed again!