Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Packages In The Mail - ArtsyCraftsy2 And MngoJuice

I was excited to receive not one but TWO packages in the mail today! It's my lucky day!

It's also my lucky day because I am finally recovering from a bad cold. It knocked me out completely yesterday! Ack! I hate bad colds. I was puffing on expired inhalers (I have to remedy that...) and popping Tylenol Colds like an addict. Yuck... Ironically, it was when my mother gave me her magical Chinese herbal tea that I started to get better. Coincidence or is mom's foul tasting medicine really magical? Hm... Apparently Coldfx was based on some magical Chinese herbs too.Well, here is package numero uno! It's from Mngojuice! Nice white envelope...
... nothing special on the backside.
Inside is a nice business card, and a freebie! That's a bottlecap magnet with a honey bee and some sequins on it. Lots of fun :) Thanks, Mngojuice! For those of you that run Etsy shops, I highly recommend including business cards in your mail outs.
Wrapped in a whole lotta paper, were these resin pendants. A raven, a butterfly, and a beluga whale. These pendants are actually a lot bigger than I had imagined.
Next up, is a package from ArtsyCraftsy2. Her trade arrived in a manila envelope.
She decorated the envelope back with a little pressed paper sticker. I rather like it when sellers take the time to decorate their envelope. It shows that they care about the experience the customer has in receiving their purchase.
Inside was a business card and a little black box. I like that she hand-wrote a message to me. That's very sweet. I also like that her pendant arrived in a box. That makes it seem like she values her product and treats it like real jewelery, which it is!
And here is the precious little pendant. This pendant is smaller than I imagined a scrabble tile pendant to be, but it is really quite adorable. ArtsyCraftsy2 actually custom made this for me because I'm a big fan of old-school Alice in Wonderland illustrations. Thank you so much, Artsy Craftsy! It's lovely.

Up next? I have some wonderful new ACEOs to show you. They turned out wonderful!

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