Saturday, November 21, 2009

Two Love Birds And Three Little Tweeters

In spending more time with my parents, I can now envision them as the two love birds that once built a nest and had little birdlings to feed inside. When I go to the supermarket, they twitter about looking for various contraptions to improve the function of their nest, and they bicker and delight over what to bring home to feed their birdlings.

I find it fascinating to think that this is how they made my previous house a home for three little children - three little well-fed children! I don't crave junk food as much as my counterparts today because there was never a shortage of tasty treats to eat in the house. My dad made sure of that!

In moving to a new house, my parents have been taxed to the maximum. They are not as young as they were when they first built their nest for three little ones, and yet they try very hard to rebuild it now. My sister mentioned that she felt that moving had aged them significantly, and she felt worried about that. I worry too.

In some ways, I am truly thankful that I was laid off at such perfect timing. I have had ample time at home with my mother to help her unpack, clean, and organize the new house. If I wasn't home every day like this, she would be attempting all this work alone! I can't imagine that because all this cleaning tires me out completely, and I'm just a young 'un.
I think it would be terribly lonesome alone in a new house too. We came from a tiny townhouse and this place is enormous in comparison. I'm glad that I'm here to keep her company (and that she's here to keep ME company!)

For my parent's recent anniversary, I decided to put one of my Putting Down Roots ACEOs to use. They reminded me so much of the birds that started off at the Putting Down Roots No.3 stage that it seemed too perfect to miss out on. Here they are with their golden nest and one little, fuzzy birdling. Ah, the beginnings of what would be a happy family of five!
And inside are the 3 grown up tweeters with all their distinguishing traits. I'm the short, fat one with long hair, my brother is skinny and tall with short hair, and my sister is tall, slim, and wavy/curly haired. I made speech bubbles for each of us so that we could write our anniversary well wishes.

This was a fun project for me :) My parents liked the card and found the grown up tweeters amusing. They asked why they have another fuzzy baby bird on the front of the card. My sister said it was a grandchild :P

Have a happy day!

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Caroline said...

What a sweet post! Congratulations to your parents on making it through 33 years. I think that's about how long my parents have been together, too, come to think of it... their anniversary always falls around Thanksgiving.