Thursday, November 26, 2009

Tissue Box Drawer Organizer Tutorial

This is an easy project that you can do with the kids to help keep their drawers neat and tidy.

You will need the following supplies:
1. Empty tissue box
2. Scissors
3. Tape
First, grab your empty tissue box. Pick a nice, undented one with a design that you particularly like. This would be a good project to help reuse and recycle some of those really nice tissue box designs. I'm sure you've come across some favourites over time.
Take a sharp pair of scissors and cut diagonally towards the corner. Do this for all four corners.
Here is my tissue box with all four corners cut.
Now reach inside the box and tear out the clear plastic pieces. You don't need them and they will get in your way.
Here's my tissue box with all the plastic removed. You can discard the plastic.
Now it's time to grab your tape!
Tape down all four sides. Be generous with your tape and tape it down well.
Once all the sides are taped down, your tissue box drawer organizer is ready to use! That was easy, huh?
They're great for storing felt pens, pencils, doodads, and knickknacks! It's so much better than a big drawer with stuff just randomly thrown in! You can easily find things this way!
You can use empty chocolate boxes and their lids for this same purpose. What a great excuse to go eat more chocolates, huh?



b.p. said...

the boxes i like the most are the shoeboxes that open like a drawer! those are handy :)

jewelry Rockstar said...

Nice way to recycle. said...

Shoe boxes that open up like a drawer!? What magical shoe boxes are these that you speak of? I must find and acquire!

Pammypoo said...

When you find those "drawer" shoe boxes, let me know, too!! I am a collector of ANYTHING that can be used for storage!! I drive my family nuts! Boxes, baskets, bags, you name it!