Friday, December 25, 2009

The Ad Directory - Promote Your Advertising Services

Do you offer advertising on your blog or website? Then this new service is for you.

This blog now offers an ad directory service for ad providers. You can list your website on this blog, and I will be happy to direct them to you. The Ad Directory (links only) is shown on my side banner under the Sponsor section. The Ad Directory (links plus description) is shown on this post, which links from The Ad Directory button.

The Ad Directory is a FREE service. The purpose is to help you promote your advertising service. All members are required to show The Ad Directory button on their website so that we can help each other.

If you have any questions or feedback, please email me at

The Ad Directory
The following websites offer advertising space:
  1. Behind - a blog featuring tutorials on gardening, arts and crafts, and more. Other topics include life, fish, finding meaningful work, and running an Etsy shop.
  2. - a tutoring classifieds website. You can find tutors, jobs, and resources.
  3. She's Batty Designs Blog - a blog that follows the adventures of a crafty, paper artist and soap making etsy seller
  4. Give it to me, Tara - giveaways, reviews, blog hops, and fun
  5. WWPM MediaNet Internet radio station based in Midwestern U.S. looking to sell advertising to cover station costs. Website, social media (e.g. Twitter) and radio ads are available.

Please feel free to place this button on your website.

The Ad Directory
125x83 pixels

The Ad Directory
160x100 pixels


Add your website to The Ad Directory

  1. Send an email to Tell me your site name, the link address, and give me a short 1-2 line description for this post.
    The link must go directly to a page that provides information on your advertising service. It cannot link to an Etsy store.
  2. Add The Ad Directory button to your website. This is required for all Ad Directory members. The code for the button is available in the section above. Let me know if you need a different button size.


Jake Leonard said...

Didn't know if you still offered this service, so I sent an email anyway.

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