Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Winner for the Incredible Tiamagic Giveaway

For all lovers of dead things, today is a special day. It's time for the winner of the Tiamagic Giveaway to be announced! Hurray!

I know, I know, you've been waiting so long that your neck grew a few inches from craning forwards to see the end, but the wait is well worth it. Well, it's well worth it for ONE person anyways.

Wait for it...

The winner of the Incredible Tiamagic Giveaway Contest is...... BIDDY! Congratulations, Biddy!Biddy's favourite item from Tiamagic's store is the Dead Disco Frog. I have to admit, disco frog is quite the looker. In his previous life, he was probably quite a hit with the ladies.
Biddy is the lucky recipient of a genuine Terrible Turrible Plushie from Tiamagic. That poor, unfortunate Tribble is so cute! Biddy is so lucky!Are you angry that you didn't win? Do you want a dead thing from Tiamagic too? Well, there's no need to be in a huff. Christmas is a-coming and you can ask for your very own dead thing from Tiamagic's shop! And if you don't think you can convince someone to buy it for you, you can gosh-darn get it for yourself!
Do you see that elephant backpack squashing that lovely lady? Well, he can be yours! YOU could be that squashed person too! Heh heh heh! These backpacks, keychains, and plushies are so fun and unique.

Get yours today!

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