Saturday, January 16, 2010

Announcing The Winner Of The Soap That Makes Scents Giveaway Winner

A huge thanks goes out to all of you that entered into the Luscious Giveaway by Soap That Makes Scents! There were 284 entries! That's an all-star record!

I really enjoyed reading all of your entries to see what you liked best from KreatedbyKarina's Etsy store, and I hope you'll continue to visit her shop and to keep her fabulous soaps in mind when you plan for your next pampering escapade.
There are so many delicious soaps, body souffle soaps, and yummy lip balms to choose from, and they look so darn good! I envy the winner of this giveaway contest because she'll get to try one of these soaps first hand.So who won? I know you're dying to find out! So let's tally the votes and pop them into a custom random number generator.

The winner of the Luscious Giveaway by Soap That Makes Scents is....... AlisonWonderland! Congratulations, Alison!
Alison's favourite soap from Soap That Makes Scents is the Coconut Cream Soap which, I agree, does sound fantastic! Coconut is such a yummy, yummy scent- so tropical, creamy, and exotic. Alison's going to smell great :)
"So what about me!?" you may ask. "What if I want to smell good too!?" Well, fear not, my dear readers. I have an excellent resolution for you. Karina is offering you the chance to STILL get something free!
If you've fallen in love with some of the delicious soaps, body souffles, solid perfumes, and lip balms in Soap That Makes Scents (and I know you have since you've told me so!), then you're in luck! Purchase anything from Soap That Makes Scents and receive a FREE Lip Balm of your choice with your order! Use code MYTUTORLIST in the note to seller when checking out, and mention the flavor you'd like for free.

But don't delay! This offer expires January 22nd.
Valentine's Day is just around the corner! If you're looking for the perfect new scent to seduce your lover (tee hee!) or something to just pamper yourself with after a hard day of work, then head to Soap That Makes Scents and pamper yourself today. You'll get your awesome smelling soap, and your choice of a yummy lip balm too. We can all be winners then!
And if you haven't done it already, send KreatedbyKarina your email to be added to her newsletter mailing list. Then you'll be notified of all the sweetly scented deals from her shop!
Have a wonderful day!


Lynn from For Love or Funny said...

These soaps are so beautiful, I'm tempted to order some just to place around the house to make it smell good!

cabin + cub said...

They are so pretty... how would one choose!?
Congrats to the winner!..lucky gal.

KreatedbyKarina said...

Congrats Alison!!

Thank you so much to EVERYONE who entered my luscious soap giveaway---it was fun hearing all of your favorite scents and why you love SoapThatMakesScents!

Remember, like the original post says above, every order from now until Jan. 22nd will come with a free lip balm of your choice--just for readers of this blog! This way you can all be winners~~

Soapy hugs,
Karina said...

I agree, Lynn! In fact, that's what I do! I like to place nice smelling soaps (still in packaging) in my clothing drawer chests. The scent is a bit lighter, but the whole drawer smells good! Yum!

Crafts By Karina said...

Wow Beatiful Soaps :)!! Congrats to the winner!!

Anonymous said...

Those soaps look delicious! Haha I really like your blog too :) said...

Hi Bees and Me:

They really do look delicious, huh? If I didn't know any better, I'd try to eat them :P

Thanks so much for stopping by. I'm really glad you like my blog and hope you'll come back soon!