Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Victory Is Mine (For Now)

Today I am feeling an overwhelming rush of relief and pride. I took the Writing Assessment for Douglas College and I got 120/120. Perfect score! I'm so happy!

At first I was horrified though. In the middle of completing this test, which is on a computer in a room full of other students, my test suddenly ended and a code was needed to be entered by one of the examiners. I thought maybe my program was corrupted, or I was doing so poorly that it was pointless to continue.

Fortunately, the opposite was true. My score was so high that it was unnecessary to complete the remainder of the exam. I was exempted from the essay writing portion because it was evident that I'd do just fine.

"Phewwwwwwf!" I thought. It would have been highly embarrassing to fail a college writing assessment test having graduated from university with an English degree! The examiner took me outside of the classroom to discuss my exam results with me.

She congratulated me on my high mark, and told me that it was highly uncommon for a student to get a perfect score. She said that they got one student per week with a score above 91 if they were lucky. Boy did that make me feel proud! I probably puffed up like a proud pigeon because I rarely get perfect scores, and even more rarely get told such positive praise.

I felt like telling the whole world, which is why I'm here telling you. I got 100%!!!!!

Ah, life is good. (I have to revel in this while I can... bear with me.)

I hope you all get perfect scores this week.
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John Toft Basketry said...

Well done!

If I ever had to take a writing test, I would fail, at least if spelling was involved. I taught high school for thirty years and had 24 or more eager spell checkers in each class ready, able and willing to correct my every mistake. And they did!the

Mytutorlist.com said...

Thanks John Toft Basketry! I bet you'd do just fine in this test then. There was no spelling tested!