Friday, March 12, 2010

Images Of Spring - A Floral Beginning

It has been rainy and I've seen a few cars go by with snow piled on, but there were a few good days in there where it really felt like Spring. And it didn't just FEEL like Spring... it LOOKED like Spring. I'll show you what I mean.See this? I took this picture on the way to work one day because I was so surprised to see cherry blossoms and blue skies. It looks so wonderful to me.In my backyard, Vinca began to bloom in shades of pretty blue and purple against vivid green leaves. Pouring down the hill, it was quite lovely to behold on a cool, sunny morning.Honey suckle clusters turning rosy and sweet are waiting for the return of the bumblebees.
And, spurred on by the blooming of Spring, I rushed to plant blooms of my own. These Marigold seeds will hopefully start to grow and yield multitudes of golden flowers for the Summer and Fall.

Have a happy weekend!


niftyknits said...

so exciting to see Nature's miracle beginning again - happy spring! said...

Yeah, I'm really excited to see all the new growth :D