Monday, March 15, 2010

Violence In The Fish Tank

You would think that having a big aquarium full of fish would be peaceful, but it's actually quite the "Nature Of Things" episode each day. What's happened lately?

Let's count the tragedies...First, an entire goldfish got eaten by the large male crayfish. The crayfish used to be a tiny bugger, but he's a big boy now and he likes sushi. Second, the crayfish went for the sister next. She has a red bruise where he jabbed her face under her eye and her tail fins are all ripped up and chewed on. However, she managed to get away so we put her in the fish breeder where she'll be safe up at the top. We can also feed her antibiotic food exclusively so she has time to heal.

Poor gal.
After all his escapades, we decided to take some action. The crayfish now has elastic bands on his claws. Where did I get such tiny elastic bands? From my braces, of course! Orthodontic elastic bands are strong and tiny. Perfect for keeping naughty, sushi-lovin' crayfish in check.

Don't worry, he still has lots of little, untied claws with which to shove food into his mouth. Plus, he has to be re-tied every time he sheds his exoskeleton to grow.Oh, and proof that getting his claws tied isn't enough? The Singapore Flower Shrimp (which is a pretty awesome red shrimp with fan-like hands) walked into the crayfish den last night. By the time my sister discovered what had happened, the head of the Singapore Flower Shrimp was already ripped off.

So today there are only little bits of red shell scattered about. I am very sad about losing my red shrimp. She was really lovely to behold. She might have been sick, and the walk into the dragon's den may have been a suicidal march, but it still sucks to lose a favourite aquarium friend.
Of course the crayfish is not hungry today. He is ignoring any food that falls from the heavens. Dastardly fellow...


Maris said...

Aww such a sad story! :(

nomadcraftsetc said...

Ha ha, it is like an animal planet episode-the domestic fish.

Poor little guy-who knows? Maybe he just wanted to play?

b.p. said...

maybe the crayfish needs to be quarantined!

Teddy Started It said...

Oh, poor sister. She looks so sad w/that tear in her eye. You know, down here in Texas we eat crayfish -- maybe it's time for that lil fellah to make his way from the tank to the pot;p

Artesia said...

The circle of life in a plexiglass prisim. :)

btw- I'm glad THIS is your blog and not the first link on the etsy forum today. That one is a bit... overwhelming.

Post Grad Hair Cut said...

Aw oh no!

Great post!

ArtTales said...

aww I feel bad for them :( maybe they need group counseling said...

Group counselling!

Hm... I can see it now:

"Dr. Crayfish, we've been having terrible dreams about you eating our friends!"

"Reeeeeally? How very troubling that must be. Why don't you step into my office and we can talk about this in more detail..."