Saturday, May 29, 2010

Off In A Boat To Beooootiful Alaska

That's right! It was so fun last time that we're doing Alaska again! Fine dining, whales, sunshine, relaxing, live shows nightly... aaahhh! I can hardly wait. I'm probably going to gain a gazillion pounds, but I'm determined to work it all off afterward. There is a dress-up night so I thought I'd whip out the old bridesmaid's dress from my best friend's wedding. Surprise, surprise, it doesn't fit anymore - not even close! Aaagghh!

Well, what can you do when you start to get older? The metabolism starts to slow down and it's just waaaay too easy to pack on the pounds. I think it's time to do some pavement pounding when I get back. Maybe I can persuade a friend to go jogging with me, or join some pals for some tennis.

Because you know what happens if I don't start working off the pounds now? I'll have more handles for gravity to pull down on!

Hehehe... I hope you have a great week. I'll tell you all about the trip when I get back next Monday.



illi said...

Exciting! I would love to visit Alaska! ... Going to look up some vacation packages now. :)

Martha said...

Say Hi to my son, he's in Wasilla, we should be heading up again later this year, can't wait. said...

Hi illi! You should go! It's so nice there. Cruising is definitely a great way to travel. said...

Hi Martha! I didn't go to Wasilla, but I'll send your son an imaginary wave anyhow :)

Alaska is a rough and rugged frontier... it must be hard to live up there all year round. What is your son doing in Wasilla?