Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Cat's Out Of The Bag - Off To Nursing School We Go!

Yep, that's right! The choice has been made, and it's off to nursing school for me! Yippee!

I always hear about how hard it is to get into nursing school, so I was ready for a letter of rejection for my application. Lo and behold, I got in!!! It's amazing!

But I took a long time to think it over. A career change is a big thing, and FOUR MORE YEARS OF SCHOOL is, well, it's quite daunting. Plus, I rather like my new job as an animator and I like the group I'm working in. It's really too bad that I have to leave.

I told my workplace on Friday, about a month in advance. They were really nice and said I could come back if I ever changed my mind. They were hoping to renew my contract because they said my team really liked me and they were happy with my quality of work. (That's very nice of them to say, huh?) I will miss them very much when I'm gone.

But I've made many new friends there, and I hope they'll stick around because I like them. Meanwhile, I have to start registering for classes and buying school supplies. I even have to buy a nurse's uniform! My school colours for that are evergreen with a pale, dusty green trim. I could opt for the reverse colour combination, but I think the darker green will be more practical. For some reason, I feel giddy to think that I have to wear a nurse's uniform soon. It seems awfully fun!

So it seems I have finally reached the crossroads. I had been avoiding it for so long. Coincidentally, I kept meeting random people on the bus and skytrains that just happened to be nurses - go figure. My co-workers encouraged me to pursue the nursing path too as they felt it would be a "real job". It's funny, isn't being an animator a real job too?

So I'm pretty nervous stepping back into the shoes of a student so I can grow into the shoes of a nurse. Will I like it? Will I hate it? I don't really know yet. My friend who is also going into nursing this year knows exactly what she wants, and she's so sure of her chosen path. It makes me feel abnormal to be so hesitant, but I know that I want to to try becoming a nurse and that I would make a good one. I fear that I will suck at it, but I know that I'll be okay.

My main worries are that I'll become calloused from dealing with death and suffering daily, and that I won't care as much as I do now about all the little things in life. With certainty, I'll grow a tougher skin and grow up a lot. One thing that I hope for is to learn skills to be able to save lives and help people. I think it would be meaningful to make a difference in people's lives everyday.

Anyhow, I thought I would update you on what's happening since I haven't said a peep for a while about this. Are any big changes going on in your life? Let me know!

Take care,
My Nursing School Diary


John Toft Basketry said...

Congratultions! An exciting time ahead.

As for meeting nurses in a variety of places, I met one while in the midst of a heart attack on June 27. She was the first person I stopped and asked for help! Her immediate call for an ambulance and a follow-up call to my wife led to immediate treatment on route to the hospital and immediate admission there.

With your dedication I am sure you will do well.

Flowers said...

Good luck. I've been in nursing for 50 years now, and R.N. for 40 years. I still love nursing. Although a huge amount has changed in the last 5 decades, nursing is still, to me, helping the patient feel better and advocating for him/her, always. Best advice: ALWAYS LISTEN TO THE PATIENT/FAMILY. you'll save yourself and your patients an incredible amount of grief. (I'll bet I'm repeating myself! The prerogative age said...

Hi John,

What a lucky coincidence! I'm so glad it turned out so perfectly for you and that you're okay now.

Thanks for the encouragement! said...

Hi Flowers,

Nursing for 50 years!?! Wow, I can't even imagine that. That's so good! The fact that you still love it after so many years gives me a lot of hope for this career change turning out well too.

Thanks for the advice. I will keep it in mind when I start to work with patients and family.


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