Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pumpkin Flowers Are Edible - Here's a recipe

With such a delightful pumpkin plant explosion in my garden, I am gifted with many big pumpkin flowers. Every year they have gone to waste, but not this year! I have discovered that you can EAT them! In fact, they are quite delicious!

I just made some for lunch.

I picked fresh giant pumpkin flowers from my garden. I purposely only chose male flowers since I still want to have real pumpkins grow in my garden. Then I took them indoors, cut off the stem, and removed the pollen part in the middle (the stamen). Then I washed them to remove any dirt or bugs. You have to be a little gentle with the flowers since they are delicate. Once they were clean, I shook them loose of water and set them aside.

I put some butter in a frying pan, and added olive oil so that it wouldn't burn. Then I put the heat to medium-low to let the butter melt. In a bowl, I mixed two eggs, added salt and ground black pepper, and added a handful of chives. Then I prepared a separate dry mixture of corn meal and bread crumb.

I took a pumpkin flower, stuffed it with tzaziki dip (mine was more of a cream cheese type texture), dipped it into the egg mixture, and put it into the pan to fry. I sprinkled the dry corn meal mixture on top of the pumpkin flower to give it crunchiness.

I let the pumpkin flower lightly cook on one side, then flipped it and added some corn meal mixture to the other side. Then I prepared the rest of the pumpkin flowers in the same way. I let it cook until the egg mixture was well-fried, but not burnt. I flipped it over a couple of times to make sure both sides were cooked properly. Then I put them on a plate and ATE them!

They were pretty good! So you can try this same recipe at home if you happen to have pumpkin or zucchini flowers in your garden :)

You'll need:

Pumpkin or Zucchini flowers
Tzaziki dip or some kind of other savoury cream cheese filling
Corn meal
Bread crumbs
Ground Black Pepper
2 Eggs
Olive Oil

Here are some alternative recipes I found on the Internet:



ArtTales said...

Sounds interesting! You would love hanging around my house, the neighbor works for a nursery and brings all the unwanted plants home. The selection of plants is beautiful! said...

Wow, that sounds like a perfect set up for me! You must love it too!