Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010

A little elephant just came to my door. It didn't say trick or treat. Instead, it spouted some exuberant gibberish at me and waved. It was super adorable :)

A vampire, Scooby Doo, and a bride came by too so far.
I just wanted to show you some pictures from today. This is my pumpkin on my porch right now! Check out his big ears and large eyeballs! Lol!
This is the delicious apple pie that my sister baked from scratch yesterday for the anniversary party of our first year at this new house. It was a good party!
These are the candles my sweetie put inside of the large-eared jack-o-lantern. See his nifty toothpick trick? He tapes the toothpicks onto the candles and then sticks the rocket-like contraption into the base of the pumpkin.
He also rubbed some cinnamon on the lid. When the pumpkin lid starts to burn from the candles (those black marks), it smells something like French Toast or Pumpkin Pie.
These are the pumpkin seeds that my mom plans to toast in the oven. Mmm...! They look kinda of cool too!

Have a happy Halloween!


Impossible Alice said...

Aw, your photos are great! I love Halloween so much, but it just isn't celebrated much here in Australia =/ said...

Thanks, Impossible Alice! It's too bad that it isn't celebrated much in Australia. Halloween is so fun! It is one of my favourite holidays :)