Friday, October 29, 2010

Things That Inspire Me This Week

With the onset of Fall weather, my mind is on crafts and Nature. Here are some things inspiring me this week.
I came across a blog by Pink Penguin and discovered her amazing patchwork pouches. All I can think of about now is how I have tons of pretty scraps of fabric and how I would love to make pouches like these. She even has a tutorial! If I had time, I would make this amazing afghan covered with flowers! It's so beautiful! Can't you imagine it in your living room spread out on top of the couch? Or in a little girl's room? (Heck, forget a little girl's room, I want in in MY room!) It would look so good!
I find Fall leaves to be an easy inspiration for me, especially as the sunlight streams through them. They light up like bright reddish flames and I can't help but stare at them in wonder.
On the lawns, the yellows and reds contrast well with the still-green grass, and each one is unique from the next. I look up and it seems like the leaves go on forever into the sky.
And there's something romantic about the way this picture turned out. I can't quite put my finger on it.

Have a happy weekend!


Lakshmi said...

Fall is my favorite season ! Its supposed to be spring in Sydney, but the weather can't decide if it should be cold and/or rainy !
Enjoy the pretty colors :) said...

Yes! I love Fall too! The weather here can't seem to make up it's mind either, but I love it either way.

Have a great day!