Thursday, October 7, 2010

Zombie Weekend

After a bruising week five, I was ready to take a break - a zombie break that is! I woke up, sat myself down with pencil crayons and paper ready, and drew to my heart's content. The result is five lovely jointed paper zombies. Oh how I love zombies :)
The first one was truly hideous. His name is Zombie Ted. He was formerly a farmer, but now he's a much-decomposed zombie. All brains and no carrots.
Next came lovely Zombie Margaret. I guess I was grossed out by Zombie Ted, so I opted for a prettier lady zombie. She's a little slow and wanders a lot. On her travels through the woods, she's known to emerge with a cluster of flowers in hand. Next came Zombie Theo. He's a laid back, easy going guy that loves cool skull T-shirts. He also loves slurpees... he's holding one now! Check out those nice white sneakers too. What a nice dude.
On a pretty gal spree, I made Zombie Lillian. She's wearing a thick caramel coloured sweater, white pants, and camel heels. On her tussle with the original zombie, she got pretty covered in grass from her lawn. Not wanting to be caught dead (literally) with her hair in a mess, she grabbed her sexy red hair dryer to take on her brain-hunting adventures.

The last is small, red-haired (my favourite!) and a little on the goth side. She's got a black T-shirt, a purple skirt, and pink and purple leggings. She's a cheerful gal and 100% awesome. Don't judge her by her missing arm, she makes up for it with extra love - extra love for your brain, that is!

My sis is having a bake sale at a local baked goods fair so I'll probably take these there to see if anyone would like to buy them. I figure they'd make good Halloween decorations/presents!
Have a happy weekend! Don't let the zombies get you!

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Stephanie said...

zombie theo is the best!!! I love him