Friday, November 19, 2010

Patchwork Pouch Completed

In a flurry of productivity, I followed the tutorial on Pink Penguin and completed this lovely patchwork pouch. As you can see, my very first of these pouches includes the hedgehog fabric that I loved so much.
It was hard to put together a collection of the right colours to go with the hedgehog fabric, but I really liked this mix of peach, yellow, pale blue, cream, and seafoam green tones. They just seemed to work together.
Inside of the pouch, there is a foilage green patterned fabric on one side and a yellow butterfly fabric on the other side. The pockets are orange. Yes! There are pockets inside of the pouch for cards and chapstick! How functional is that?
There is also a green patterned handle on the side so that this can be held like a wristlet. An additional little loop is great for adding things like charms.
This pouch took a long time to make- much longer than I expected. I wanted to get all the squares even, and it was my first time making something quilted. I managed to make most of the squares line up perfectly and the back and front align neatly too.

It wasn't possible to use the Pink Penguin tutorial alone so I had to refer back and forth with the other zipper pouch tutorial that I have listed under "When You're Bored". Did you know that I had useful links listed on the side column? You might find those handy one day.
Adding a layer of batting to the pouch makes it sooooooo much more sturdy and awesome than the other pouches that I have made in the past. It isn't too puffy either because ironing the pouch afterwards seemed to flatten out the batting. It liked that. This pouch is also larger in size somehow. It's 7 x 5.5 inches.

My friend saw the pouch and she really liked it, but she thinks that I should make it PUFFIER because quilted things in her mind should have puffy little square pillows all over it. I think such a puffy pouch would be rather cumbersome to keep in the purse though. Perhaps I will make her a "special edition" with puffy little pillows all over it.

I'm still a little bug-eyed that I managed to sew this pouch. It sure turned out better than I expected. I hope the rest of my experiments turn out this well.

Have a great week!


Irina said...

Love this pouch! Glad you liked my zippers :) Welcome to KandCSupplies at any time! Check out my blog, when you get a chance :) said...

You mean

the other link is non-existent!

Thanks for stopping by! Yes, your zippers are the best! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your 'zipper toturial'