Sunday, July 31, 2011

Big Fun For Him, Big Mess For Me

This little boy loves his toilet paper roll so much that he fell asleep while playing with it. Out like a light!

And why is he so sleepy? Well, because I gave him his wheel to play with last night.

It started off so innocently! He got on the wheel and it rocked side to side. He ran forwards then backwards on it. To my delight, he even got off his wheel to use his litter box! I turned off the light and went to bed.

In the morning, my sister woke me to tell me that something terrible had happened. I rushed sleepy-eyed to his cage and looked inside. His wheel was poop and pee spattered, the floor was poop and pee spattered, and there was fresh poop UNDER the wheel too. Sigh... my only consolation was that he had left his house and that side clean.

But, then a happy, dirty footed little hedgehog emerged from his clean house, and it was off the sink again. This time, we were only washing the dirt off his feet.

While my sister kept an eye on the little guy, I put the dirty linens in the laundry, washed his house and all the accessories with soap, and put down the back-up fleece liner. When we put him back into his cage, he ate and drank a little, used his litter box like a good little boy (Why couldn't you do that last night???), and started to play with his toilet paper roll. He didn't get very far into the roll before he fell fast asleep. He was all tuckered out.
I peeped at him throughout the day and he remained with his head in the toilet paper roll snoozing away. It made me chuckle every time I looked at him.

Funny boy...


riorita said...

Oh he's adorable! Is it a hedgehog? I never thought one could raise them at home! said...

Hi riorita! Yes, he's an African Pygmy Hedgehog. I think they're not allowed in some places, but they are often found as pets here.

These hedgehogs will only grow to about the size of a guinea pig. The European ones are illegal to keep as pets and those ones are very large in comparison.

Totally Timmy said...

silly little ferret forgets to use his litter box too

Anonymous said...

Im glad your having lots of fun with him!! We can both see he is loved and very well looked after! We love seeing our babies go off to great homes. Keep up the great work!!