Saturday, July 30, 2011

Inside The Lair Of A Sleeping Beast

Let's take a peek at what goes on inside of the lair of of a sleeping beast.
Okay, I know he looks incredibly cute and all, BUT DON'T BE FOOLED!!!
He's awake! Quick! Hide!
Noooooo! He's found us!
Aaaggghhhhhhhhhhh! He's going to eat us!
He's going to... wait... he's turning around... he's... Oh, he's unimpressed.
Apparently we're not WORTH eating.

He's going back to sleep now. Shucks... and it was getting SO INTERESTING! Lol...



Carlos Mota said...

Olá, vim divulgar o sorteio novo no meu blog...


Totally Timmy said...

That was scary! He looks very dangerous, you better be careful!
Does he keep his little sack clean? My piggies poop and pee in their boxes. said...

I know, I was very frightened. Lol!

He keeps his sack clean and he uses his litter box most of the time, but it is inconsistent. He seems to be identifying where to poop and pee by smell so if he accidentally poops or pees in the wrong spot, the litter training goes out the window.

It's still early though, so we'll see if he can build up some better habits early.