Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Countdown To Hedgie Time!

If all goes well, it will be Hedgie Time as early as this Friday! In anticipation of the big day, I have been busily constructing toys and other lovely things for my new little friend.
No hedgehog home would be complete without a toilet paper roll!

I read that hedgie faces could get stuck in the roll and cause the hedgehog great distress so I have cut the toilet paper down the middle and rounded the corners. He can't get stuck now!
My sweetie and I picked out some nice fleece the other day in a pale green and a pale blue. With a little extra time after work today, I sewed up a custom fleece liner for the bottom of his cage.

This blue liner fits the base of the cage exactly. Well, it does now anyways. I wasn't actually successful with this at first so I had to rip all the stitching out of two sides to make it bigger. When I was done, the liner seemed kind of floppy so I sewed an extra inner line to give it a thick, fluffy edging. It looks pretty pro now.
I wanted a back up liner for when one liner was in the wash so I sewed a second fleece liner in the pale green colour. I made this one bigger so that I could actually create a lip around the entire liner. It was a little tricky to make the edges form proper corners, but the end result is pretty good.

Between the two, my dad likes the perfect fit one better and my mom likes the extra lip one better. Which one do you like better?

My mother said to me, "If this is what you do when you get a baby hedgehog, you'll never sleep with all the things you can make for your REAL baby one day." I think she wants grandkids. What do you think :P

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Totally Timmy said...

Doing a happy dance for you. What an awesone set up for the little guy. Can't wait to see new pics!!