Saturday, July 16, 2011

New Hedgehog Photos!

Okay, okay, so I still don't know the details, but it appears that Hoppin Hedgehogs doesn't want to sell me their hedgehogs anymore. My name disappeared from their reservation list last night. They have yet to give me an explanation for why I'm suddenly unsuitable to become a new hedgehog owner.

I was seriously choked. Even though I hadn't even gotten my hedgehog yet, I felt like someone had taken it away from me. You all know how excited I have been about getting one soon!

But, things sometimes work out for the best.

A super nice breeder that heard about my situation has offered to let me have one of her little hedgies instead AND she doesn't mind letting me post her pictures one bit! I can't tell you what a big relief that is. I've been stressing over not being able to post pictures of my new little hedgehog loves. I really like sharing my hedgehog experience with you, and I wanted to let you see what I was so thrilled about.

Anyways, she sent me photos and here he is! *Gush* He's so adorable!!!
And here's mum and dad hedgehog:
Ahahaha! They're so awesome!

So it's all falling into place now. I've ordered a Carolina Storm Wheel for him from Larry, and if the email is correct, he mailed it out the same day (You rock, Larry!). This is the highest recommended wheel by other hedgehog owners.
Also, my boyfriend showed up at the door today with a Living World Deluxe Habitat Cage. It's no wonder he was so equally upset when I told him that the breeder had removed me from his list. He had the cage sitting in his trunk ready to give to me! He's a great guy, huh?
So with the wheel in the mail, and the cage in my house, I'm ready to start sewing. It's time to make my new little friend a custom fleece liner for his house. I'll make him a hedgie bag to sleep in too. I knew all that sewing would come in useful one day.

I just want to send out a quick thanks to Stephanie at Happy Hedgies for making my day. It was supposed to be miserable, but her kindness made it into something much more special.

Fingers crossed for a baby hedgehog by the end of this month (even sooner than the other one would have come home, eek!)

Have a happy day!


Totally Timmy said...

I can't believe they would pull you off their list..geezz..but the new one is a cute as can be. What an awesome BF getting such a great cage. This is going to be one spoiled hedgehog!! said...

He IS very cute, huh? I am delighted that it is all working out so well. Yes, he's going to be a very spoiled hedgehog. I plan on it. I think my BF is heading that direction too, lol <3

Anonymous said...

I cant believe that Hoppin Hedgehogs did that to you!! If I ever decide to get a hedgehog I wont be going to them! Happy Hedgies seems great.

Anonymous said...

you refused to fill out our application with your contact information. Also you said you would like to breed and we do not sell our hedgehogs to local breeders. For these reasons we refunded you deposit.

Sincerely Hoppinhedgehogs

NutJobs said...

Hahaha what an unprofessional breeder. Now they are making up shit that you were going to breed. Seriously can they come up with a better excuse. I sure as Hell would never buy from these hopping nuts. Now that I am researching it seems like lots of people have had problems with this breeder. When was the last time you went to Pet Habitat or Petcetera and had to fill out an application form Wtf. Do you need a blood and urine sample as well with that application form! Retards. said...

Wow, too much negativity!

Thank you to Hoppin Hedgehogs for writing back, but I would really have preferred if you chose to reply to my private email instead of posting your reply on my blog.

In regards to my application form, I gave you my email, telephone number, city, province,and even a link to my blog so that you could read my originally ecstatic posts about you and your hedgies. The only thing I left out was street address. What do you need my street address for anyways? And if it was so important, why didn't you just email me and ask me privately for it?

As for breeding, I have no plans to breed my baby. He's just going to be a very spoiled boy, that's all.

So, thanks for making my life so interesting, and thanks for refunding my deposit! I wish you the best with your hedgehog business :)


Zippers said...

Very cool you are getting a hedgehog! I didn't even know you could have hedgehogs as pets. Congratulations! said...

Hi Zippers!

Yes, you can have hedgehogs as pets where I live. These are African Pygmy Hedgehogs though, not the uber-awesome brown European ones. I think it would be fascinating if those wild hedgehogs lived around these parts! I think they're so neat!

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Hedgehogs are great pets, I got mine from happy hedgies and they are great! said...

I'm so glad to hear that! I'll be picking the little guy up soon, hopefully the end of next week!

Anonymous said...

I was thinking about getting a hedgehog from hoppinhedgehogs but I can see there is so much negativity towards them... Better to avoid?? I was thinking about just waiting for happyhedgies next litter to be born and take one of there babies, they seem so cute! said...

Hi Anonymous,

So far I have had really great service from Happy Hedgies. Stephanie is really friendly and I can ask her any questions and she's very nice about giving me an honest and informative answer. I really appreciate that she understands how excited I am about getting a baby hedgehog, and she seems really excited and involved in her hedgehogs as well.

As for waiting for the next litter, I totally would if I was you. I think that some really cool babies will come out of those colour matches. I can only have one hedgehog, but you can bet I'll be watching how those little babies turn out anyways!

You can pop back anytime to see my updates! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well.


Anonymous said...

Kind of funny how hoppin hedgehogs says they dont sell to breeders... But on there website it says reserved.. for a breeder... What a wack job. I hope no one gets there hedgehogs from them, they seem really unprofessional. Comparing the two Happy Hedgies seems to be much better, I mean, look at where they are getting there hedgehogs from! Beach Bum Hedgehogs in Florida! I bet its not cheap to ship them all the way over here or buy those colours. said...

Hi Anonymous,

Yeah, I'm a little confused as to why they now sell to breeders. They also changed their application form so that it doesn't ask for a street address anymore. Sooo... basically, there is no reason why they should have refused to sell a hedgehog to me. It sucks, but I'm happy that I don't have to deal with them anymore.

I see that they increased the price of the hedgehog to $200 for breeders and $150 for regular people. I think that's sort of dumb considering it's the same hedgehog whether it goes to a breeder or a pet owner.

Oh well! Happy Hedgies has been great and my little guy is home safe now. I am happy with how things have turned out :)

Now the hardest part is just coming up with a good name for him!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I have a 10 week old male and am looking for a new cage.. I'm wondering what size living world habitat is best. Thanks for your reply! I'm looking for roomy :) said...

I would go with the bigger rabbit cage! The guinea pig cage is a bit too small.