Friday, August 12, 2011

New Baby Hedgehogs At Happy Hedgies

My hedgehog baby stalking days are not over yet. TWO new litters have been born at Happy Hedgies and there's one more litter due any day!

Stephanie says that it's okay for me to show you the pictures, so here they are at just over one week old :)
These little hoglets were born on August 3rd so they are only 9 days old! They are the kids of Grizzly and Halo. You can see how the baby on the right seems to have really taken up mum's colouring, maybe even more so. He looks cool :)
These seven little hoglets were born on August 1st! So they are about 11 days old now. Check out the variation in colours and patterns. I'm loving the white stripe down the backs of the left three. Oh, and one of them looks almost white on the right.
They are the kids of Pinball and Orion, so they are half brothers and sister to Pogglebee! Pinball is also Pogglebee's dad.

I can't wait to see how all these new little hoglets will turn out. I'll keep you posted for when more new pictures show up!
Meanwhile, Pogglebee decided to annoint with purple sweet potato yesterday. You can still see remnants of it on his head today. I couldn't stop laughing when he first did it because he basically had a purple blob of sweet potato right on his head like a hat.

What a funny fellow!

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