Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Poggles the Hedgehog

Once upon a time, there was a little hedgehog named Poggles.
Poggles was a very frightened little guy.  Every time he got scared, he would put his quills up.
No one wanted to be Poggle's friend.  They were scared of getting poked.
 Poggles tried to put his quills down.
 "Hello! My quills are down! Come and say hi!"
 But no one was around to say hi.  Everyone was having fun somewhere else.
Poggles decided it was no fun putting his quills down.  No one cared anyways.  "I'm going back to sleep now.  If you bother me, I'll hiss at you, " he said.  And that's what he did.

The End


Totally Timmy said...

Poor Poggles. It must be hard to be so cute yet so spikey!

riorita said...

He hissed at you?! Naughty! But he is also adorable!