Thursday, June 28, 2012

New 9 inch Puzzle Ball Tutorial

I'm on summer break and I can't bear to keep still!  So, between trying out my Rockin' Body workout DVDs (which I LOVE!), I've been experimenting with a new template for my puzzle balls.  I was talking with a customer about how cool it would be to have a puzzle ball big enough to sit on (how cool would that be!?!) when my sweetheart asked me for a custom puzzle ball.  He loves his current puzzle ball, but he wanted to know if I could make him a bigger one that was super soft.

Ohhh, I love a challenge!  I immediately sat down and drew up a new template.  One for an 8 inch puzzle ball, and one for a 16 inch puzzle ball.  Then, it was testing time!!!
When I was done, the finished puzzle ball was about 9 inches.  Oops!  However, it was actually the perfect size for hugging!  Yessss!

This time around, I went with a super soft (and super cute!) flannel fabric exterior and I skipped the cotton batting that I used in the 6 inch version.  I also used a fluffier stuffing material.  All of this resulted in super soft awesome goodness.

I LOVE this new puzzle ball and I think your little ones (and bigger ones) will love it too!  The tutorial and template are now available here and in my Etsy shop as instant downloads.

As for the 16 inch one, I need to find the perfect fabric first. 

Happy sewing!

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