Sunday, July 1, 2012

Pear Pincushion or Toy Sewing Tutorial

I love pears.  There's something about the shape of a pear that just makes me smile.  For some time, I have been admiring the fabric pears that people have been sewing up, and I wanted to make my own.  A big FAT pear.  Yes...
So, here is my big fat pear!  I drew up the template and sewed him up in a jiffy last night.  I think he looks quite good!  
 I gave him a brown corduroy stem and a green fleece leaf, using Poggy's left over fabric.  I also drew some brown leaf lines onto the surface of the leaf with my sewing machine.  It was fun!
 Ahh, so plump and delicious!  Here it is with three neat little red pins.  The fabric pattern coincidentally matches the pins...
 I made a previous plump pear using green fleecy material (from an old sweater).  That one is partially filled with weighted beads so that it is a beanie pear.  It is kind of floppy and pleasing, but the new pear is way more awesome (sorry, floppy pear...).  Although the good thing about the floppy pear is that I made it intentionally lopsided.  It's better that way  :D
 I was eager to use my new pincushion so I pulled all the pins out of my tiny, not-overly-useful-but-super-cute pincushions and put them onto my new pear pincushion.  I discovered that the loose threads wrap neatly around the middle and don't fall down because of the fatness of the pear.  So perfect!
Want to make your own pear pincushion?  I made a tutorial!  It's super easy to follow and I'm sure you'll be churning out fat pears in no time!  (I know I will be!)
Here's the link where you can purchase an instant download file from my Etsy store:

The templates are included and I drew them up very nicely for you.  The finished pear is 6 inches tall and 4.5 inches wide.  It's big enough to make a cute decoration or toy.

Don't forget to post them to the Flickr page here when you're done!

Have a happy day!

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