Sunday, August 26, 2012

Woolly Owl Hat Finished

I came across a really fantastic, super cute crochet owl hat tutorial by Kat Goldin.  It's free too!  If you love to crochet, you should really check it out.  The tutorial is well-made and easy to follow.
 This is the owl hat that I finished in the newborn size.  I used Lion Brand Cotton-Ease yarn in Seaspray and Lime.  The yarn is a cotton and acrylic mix.  It's pretty soft, but I think pure cotton would have been softer.  However, the colours were perfect for what I wanted.
This is the photo from the tutorial.  I LOVE that changing purple colour (and those cheeks)!  I also love that the eyes are not white.  It seems like every owl pattern out there uses white.  I like that the grey kind of blends in with the purple a little. 
So I opted to make the eyes green.  Why not  :)  It's less stark than white! 
 This makes it look like an owl sitting on a branch!  Cool, huh?
I like everything about this tutorial and the finished owl hat.  Love, love, LOVE it!  :)  Thanks, Kat Goldin!

Happy crocheting!


JOJO said...

I love the owl. I need to make two. Please help. I guess I'll have to come over sometime. You'll teach me right.

Oh I made three more flowers so far for the blanket. said...

You'll have your work cut out for you making your afghan AND two woolly hats! Yeah, you can come over and I'll show you how, but I swear you probably can make the hats on your own. It's pretty straight forward and you can always ask me when you get stuck!

When can we go driving again?