Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rainbow Cupcake Living World Dome Cover

I just finished up a new custom dome cover for a customer from my Etsy shop!   
It's a cupcake with rainbow sides, a chocolate cake layer, pink icing, sprinkles, and a giant pink strawberry!  I went all out  :P
I must say, I am really loving it.
It kind of puts all my other dome covers in shadow.
Here's a close up of the strawberry on the top.  I even embroidered seeds on the berry, and the leaves have an indented center line.

Oh, and I rolled up little strips of fleece to make sprinkles!
The rainbow sides are super fun, huh?  I had my work cut out sewing strips of fleece together to make those.  
I think custom dome covers are really fun to make.  I'll miss it when school starts and I won't have as much time to make these anymore. 
I hope the customer likes this new dome cover.  It's really quite spectacular!

Have a great day!

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