Saturday, September 1, 2012

More Hedgie Dolls

I sold two sets of hedgie dolls, and that almost wiped out the remaining of my brown polar fleece fabric.  I had just enough to make one last one.
 So I made her extra pretty  :)  She has a lovely cluster of three pink flowers in her quills, with two tiny green leaves.  Each flower has three little pale yellow french knots in the middle.
 I gave her a touch of blush on the cheeks too.
Then I came across some grey flannel fabric in my stash with yellow dots.  So made a little hedgie with black eyes, a pink nose, and teensy ears.
 I made him a girl hedgie friend too!  She has an orange flower above her ear.
 They look very sweet together  :)
They are available as a set in my shop!
Have a happy day!

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