Thursday, January 17, 2013

Semester 6 of Nursing School

Well, I survived semester 5.  After a long, relaxing Christmas holiday, it seems like a thing of the past now.  What can I tell you about it?
I'm a Lousy Nurse-Parent
Well, pediatrics was pretty fun.  I discovered that I don't like working with babies as much as I thought I would though.

What I mean is that I thought they were super cute and couldn't stop myself rushing to their rescue every time I heard them cry or would peek at them from the doorway when they were snoozing in the most darling ways, but that I felt like pulling my hair out when I couldn't figure out what they wanted.  I thought I would be good at trying to decipher baby communication, but I felt like every other new parent out there and was completely bewildered.  No one likes being completely unhinged, so it wasn't a fantastic feeling for me either.

"What the heck do you want!?!" I was basically screaming in my head as baby was screaming at the top of his lungs.  Did you poop your diapers?  Are you hungry?  Are you cold?  Are you too hot?  Are you uncomfortable?  Are you sick?  I would try every option and he would still scream at me.

My teacher on the other hand was an expert.  When I thought I'd lose my buttons, she would come in and smoothly place a soother in the baby's mouth.  Suddenly, silence.  Huh?  What just happened there?  You just wanted a soother?  Sometimes he just wanted to be bundled.

I'll admit it, I was a total noob.  I was a lousy nurse-parent.  So, if ever become a neonatal nurse or something working with babies, you'll know that it was accomplished by sheer determination.  I have no natural talent.  :P
Comfort Zone
On the flipside, when they assigned me to older kids like teens, I had a blast.  I could talk with them about school, bullying, and other things important to them.  They were also old enough to be taught about medications, how to make their illnesses better, etc.  I found it quite enjoyable.  You're not just teaching the kids either, you're really teaching the parents.

I wonder if part of why that was so enjoyable was that it was in my comfort zone.

Good Feedback
By the end of the semester, to my surprise, my teacher gave me a glowing review.  She thought my semester had gone really well.  The funny thing is that I didn't feel as confident as she made me out to be.  Okay, I was confident with all the older kids, but the infants made me sweat.  I was terrified of doing the wrong thing.  I felt like I needed to run for help.  At the same time, when they were snuggled in my arms, happy and content,  I was so happy.

What does that mean?
The Break is Over
Now that semester 6 is starting, the old worries come back.  Will I fail?  Will I get a bad mark? Will the patients like me? Will I disappoint?  I do this every semester.  I think all the students do.

And, of course, I spend a good amount of time just feeling sorry for myself at times and wishing for something better to happen to me.  However, in reality, things are pretty good.  I'm in school; I'm learning; I have a warm room to study in; I like the stuff I'm learning about... and I get to help people.  I think I have a lot to look forward to.

So instead of looking at all my worries as bad things, let's see what I have to look forward to.  These are things that are both good and bad, mostly because I will have a lot less free time once I get going.
An Extra Course
This semester, I have to complete a nursing elective course.  I chose Neonatal Theory I, which is pretty cool because I get to learn all about stuff that happens before and after you have have a baby.  I have learned this material in general before, but now I get to learn it in depth.  It should be very interesting.

The good thing is that I get to learn about something really neat and the material isn't dry.  The bad thing is that I have a full courseload on top of this extra course.  I also have to get a minimum of 75% to pass it.  I'm going to have to work very hard.
Community Nursing
The focus for this semester is community nursing.  We get sent in pairs to different organizations in the community and we get to see what it is like to care for clients in a community setting instead of a hospital setting.  I'm not sure what to expect yet, but I'm looking forward to finding out soon.
An Interview
I applied for an Employed Student Nurse position and I got invited to an interview.  I am so nervous!  It has been a long time since I have gone to an interview.  I hope it will go well.  Wish me luck!

Well, I better get back to my studies.  I hope you have a fantastic day!

P.S. - that's Pirate Poggles at the top!  He's supporting his hedgehog friend, Zeke, who just had eye surgery.  I hope you get better fast, Zeke!
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KC said...

Wow! Sounds like you are doing really well in school :) Best of luck to you at the Interview. Hope you get the position said...

Hi KC,

Thank you for the good wishes!