Monday, February 25, 2013

Heads or Tails? The Only Two Faces of Poggy.

When Poggles is your study buddy, it's like flipping a coin.  Heads or tails?
Heads!  Aww... cute little face.  What are you looking for, Poggy?
 Tails!  Pink bum and leetle pink tail...
Heads!  I don't see any cookies in your house.  Are you looking for cookies, Poggy?
 Tails!  Okay, you have lots of cookies now.  Maybe too many cookies lately...
Heads!  You look grumpy.  I guess you didn't like my comment.  Oh, you're complaining about how service is too slow.  I should have guessed...
Tails!  Awww... so much pink!
 Tails!  Did I mention I love this side of the coin the most some days?  It's just too cute!
 Tails!  There are not enough hedgie bums in this world!
Heads!  Okay, Poggles is tired of you staring at his bum.  He wants you to leave the cookies and go back to studying.  No more gawking allowed!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures.  Have a great week!

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