Sunday, May 5, 2013

Semester 6 Wrap-Up, CPE IV begins

The last weeks of semester 6 were so busy and involved that I honestly didn't feel like blogging.  I was tiiiiiiiiired  :)

Here are some notable things that happened:
I Got Hired!
I didn't have a very successful first interview, but I got better at it and got hired at my second interview for a different hospital.  I was so happy!  Yay!  The question that stumped me at my first interview was "Tell me about a conflict situation and how you handled it."  I rehearsed that question so much afterwards and I was actually DELIGHTED when they asked me that question at my second interview.  I hope the interviewer didn't notice how excited I got when she popped the question this time, lol...

I will be working on the same medical ward that I did one of my clinical rotations at.  It was one of my favourite clinical placements so far so I am really happy.
I Will Miss The Kids
I was teaching children health topics with a classmate at an after-school program in the community for this rotation.  At first the kids were difficult for me to work with.  I didn't really know how to handle them, and I thought they were intentionally or unintentionally mean sometimes.

However, something magical happened towards the end of my rotation and I got the hang of things.  The kids actually looked forward to the lessons and they were disappointed when we didn't teach them a lesson.  That was something we had never expected.
They also grew to trust us and I grew comfortable around the kids too.  During quiet time, little kids would come find us and read to us or ask to be read to.  They asked us to help them with homework assignments, and they would invite us over to play games with them or eat together.  When we arrived, some of the little kids would come hug us and tell us about their day.  We felt welcome and rather loved  :)  They would even lean on us and sort of snuggle up during reading time.

Needless to say, I was sad when the last day came.  We brought the children a cake, had an extra fun lesson planned, and the children gave us a good bye card.  One of the little kids cried when she realized we were not coming back.
Sweet Teacher
I wasn't sure about my teacher this term.  She was new, she seemed kind of intimidating... I braced myself for the worst.  Surprisingly, she turned out to be really sweet.  She even gave me a hug on the last day.  I guess I wasn't the student-from-hell she expected either  :P
This Summer
I was looking forward to a leisurely long holiday, but it somehow is over already.  I start in a new semester tomorrow.  Aagh!

The good news is that I will be working in the local public health units.  For some reason, I am really looking forward to more community-based nursing.  I am hoping I might get to give some vaccines and weigh babies or something!  I don't actually know what I'll be doing yet, but I am hoping for the best.

I'm kind of scared (as usual) of what the teacher will be like. I feel like the teacher can really make or break how well a semester goes.  Fingers crossed that she will be nice.

Okay, I better get ready for tomorrow now.  I'll keep you posted on how things go!
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