Thursday, June 20, 2013

New Paper Goodies In The Shop!

Time off means lots of fun working on new things for the shop!
Check out how cute these hearts are!  They are made from recycled envelope paper.
I needed something to write the number of items in packages and this was a really cute way to do it.  If you have a paper punch, consider making some of your own!  They look like so much fun and I have been using quite a lot of them.

I happened to find a pink envelope and that was one of the best parts  :)
I have also been making 3D paper flowers!
I needed a few big ones to make a mother's day card and now I have a whole collection of them!
I sell the petal layers in my shop, so you can make some too!
You can choose them in different designs and colours.
Look at all the different flower designs I made!  There are matching leaves too!
Purple butterflies are now in the shop too.
I have them available in assorted small sizes and some big ones too.  They are perfect for writing messages on and hanging from a decorative tree at a wedding or baby shower. 
Speaking of wedding decor, the classic white butterflies that I used to carry in my shop are back! 
I have designed a few new shapes as well so you have more options!
F is the classic butterfly shape, but look at all the other options!
I even made some swallowtail butterfly shapes.  They are quite lovely. 
I also made a few more detailed shapes.  I am quite pleased with how they turned out.
I tested a few of the shapes out and they look quite good.
My favourite were the monarch butterflies.  This monarch butterfly has rounded wing tips.
This one has scalloped, more pointed wing tips.

They both turned out quite lovely.
I made a few SUPER detailed butterflies.
They look amazing, but they cannot be made in small sizes.  The details are so fine that they must be made large or the details will turn to mush in the machine!  I'm going to test out a big one soon.  I think they would look nice on a card.

I have been busy!  What do you think of all the new paper products?

As a side comment, let me know if you need these shapes in dxf, silhouette cameo, jpeg, pdf, or other formats.  You can contact me through my shop for more details.


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