Friday, June 14, 2013

Poggy's 2nd Birthday

Today is Poggle's 2nd birthday!  Yay!
I made him a cake to celebrate his big day.  

His cake is made with 2 layers of havarti cheese with softened  kibble mixed with cheese in the middle.  His candles are made with thin sticks cut from his treats.  I made flames out of cheese and attached them on with a tiny dot of honey.
Here is the birthday boy!  You can see how "excited" he is about celebrating his big day.  Tee hee hee! 
I put him down and he quickly unrolled.
Sniff-sniff!  What is this strange thing?  It smells good!
The candles are so tasty...
Om nom nom! 
Poggles made quick work of his tasty birthday cake. 
He ate the whole top off and the layer in between.
The king-for-the-day sat on his throne and waited for 2nd course. 
Mealworms!  Yay!
I had a fun time making Poggy's cake for him.  I hope he has a very good 2nd birthday and that this will be a very happy and healthy year for him.  I love my little hedgehog  :)

Happy birthday, Poggles!


Oxana said...

OMG, death by cuteness! Happy birthday, Poggy!

Jerry said...

I've been on/off following your hedgehog journey for a while now, and I gotta say that this post takes the cake (and all two candles).

Happy birthday to your hedgehog! said...

Lol, thanks Oxana! I'm so glad you liked the pictures :)

Jerry, thanks for stopping by on and off :D I had fun making the cake for him and I'm glad you liked the cake too!