Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Week 2 of Semester 7 - Stress Pie

So here I am eating my foot just like I said I might...
I thought this semester would be only as hard as the other semesters.  However, I was wrong.  This semester is ACTUALLY harder than the other semesters.  
So far, I leave my Tuesday class feeling like my brain is going to explode.  No matter how much I read, I feel like I have no idea what the teacher is talking about all class.  It's like she's speaking another language!
Sometimes just when I think I am following along okay, she changes the topic.  Then I have to race to catch up again.  It never ends.
It's okay though, I keep telling myself.  The semester will be over soon!  I think there is something wrong when you can't hardly wait for it to end right after it starts.  That's quality education for you!
An awkward moment this week was when a woman asked a group of my classmates how they felt about the nursing program we are in.  "Is it a good program?" she asked.  Everyone was silent. Finally, someone said slowly,  "It's okay..." with a long, questionable note at the end.  
I don't think any of us love our school and program right now.  It's just not love.
Anyhow, it's pointless to rant.  It won't save me from my bottomless pit of confusion.  I have to just stay focused and work really hard!  Right?  
Of course, I'd really rather do anything than study right now.  Just the thought of my homework and readings makes me feel like eating chocolate, ice cream, and anything really fattening and delicious.
Sigh...  Even the banana is sad.
Well, if you want something to cry about, here's a really sad video.  I bawled after it.  Partially cuz I'm a sap, partially cuz I'm feeling overwhelmed.
Have a better week!
My Nursing School Diary