Sunday, September 8, 2013

Week 1 of Semester 7 - No, not again!

I can't believe I'm back to school AGAIN already.  I didn't even tell you about my vacation yet and it's already back to school.
Change and Research
The theme of this semester is change and research.  I don't know much about these two topics yet, but the gist seems to be that we will do a big project all semester long that will create change in a community organization.  We will also learn about how to be smart consumers of scientific research and how research is important to nursing practice.
I Like To Ride My Bicycle
Confined to endless textbook readings, I have re-rigged a way to prop my textbook up on my stationary bike.  I hope this will help me to stay "active" while having no choice but to read ALL DAY LONG.
The teachers are warning us that this semester will be brutal and that we can say good bye to our social life.  They even said that we can't listen to music or watch TV while doing homework.
Fear Mongering
When I listen to them talk in class about how hard this semester will be, I imagine them as jailers telling us to say goodbye to our freedom.  It is actually kind of scary how much they are trying to make us feel anxiety so we will hopefully stay on track this semester.
I wonder if they are right or whether they are exaggerating a tad bit.  I mean, EVERY semester is hard.  If this one is hard, it's no different, right?  Every semester I say goodbye to my freedom.  Why is this one suddenly different?
I think this semester will be no more difficult than when I took the extra elective course in semester 6.  I aced that elective course too.  I think I'll just have to work equally hard.  But, of course, I'll probably eat my foot later...
The language in this semester is different, says our teacher.  In other words, the language of our textbooks this semester is MORE BORING.
I almost died just trying to get through Chapter 1.  I think it was supposed to be one of the easier chapters to read, but it's the kind of textbook where your mind wants to wander because it can't comprehend why it took so many words to say something so simple.  Other times, I just wonder why I need to know so many small details.
Why can't I just get a summary?
But of course if I memorize the general idea, they are going to test me on the details.  It always happens.  I should know better by now...
Do I sound negative?  Yes!  Of course I do.  But it's for a good reason.  It's because my vacation was so good and I miss it already  :)  Please, please let it be vacation time again.
I don't want it to be school time already!  I just wanna go back to my big boat, eating tasty foods, saying hello to Mickey Mouse...
You see how upset Donald Duck is?  It's like I was leaning over the rail enjoying the view and someone shoved me overboard onto Vancouver soil  :P  
Alas, there is no point in complaining.  If I work very hard, it will be vacation time soon enough.  My classmates tell me that I will be finished my nursing program in 8 months!  That is indeed not a very long time. 
I can do it!  I hope you are having a good time wherever you are.
My Nursing School Diary

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