Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halloween Pumpkin Quilt Carving

I've been obsessed with quilts lately (as you may have noticed).  So when it came to carving my Halloween pumpkin... well, it became a quilt.
I started off with a normal pumpkin.
 Well, it wasn't completely normal.  I like to pick the funny looking ones.
 I drew out the design with a pencil and pointed metal thing, and then I began to carve the design out.
 It wasn't easy.  I used a small paring knife and x-acto knife mostly.
 It has some issues since the image curves around the sides... but it looks great lit up!
  Here's my funny skeleton.
 A witch's hat.
 The notorious black cat.
 A pumpkin!  (on a pumpkin no less!)
 A bat!
 Now my pumpkin quilt sits brightly lit on my porch.
I hope you all have a happy Halloween time!

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