Sunday, October 20, 2013

Quilts I Love

Here are some quilts I have come across in my searches that I really love.  Maybe one day I can make one!
This person collected Munki fabrics and then made some blocks out of them.  I like Munki fabrics too.  She did a lovely job of making each square unique and cute.

The colours are great on this brick quilt, but it's the quilting on top of the fabric that really impresses me.

I love the puffy look of this quilt!

Pretty chevron quilt

A twist on the chevron - the herringbone quilt design

It's a puffy chevron quilt, what's not to love about that?

I think this diamond quilt is nice  :)

This heart quilt actually looks pretty cute  :)

I saw a rag quilt at the fabric store and I thought it looked pretty cute.  Maybe I'll make one.

This is a nice rag quilt too.

This looks like a quilt I could make!  Little squares... it can't be that bad, right?

Here's a similar one.  Very nice and clean look.

This has a nice clean look to it too.

She made this for her baby!  Awww!

This quilt is simple, but effective.  I think it looks great!

Okay, enough dreaming about what I would like to make.  Back to the homework.

Have a great week!


b.p. said...

Do you still have your quilt from Norma? I don't remember what yours looked like~! Mine looks to be hand-sewn. said...

Yeah, I still have my quilt from Norma. It's one of my favourite things. Mine is black and purple squares and triangles. Yeah, and it looks hand-sewn too. Norma is amazing :) I remember yours was pale blues and whites?

b.p. said...

Yep, mine is pale blue and white squares