Sunday, October 20, 2013

Quilted Christmas Tree Skirt Tutorials I Want to Try

I have a lot of projects that I want to do when I have time.  Here are a few tree skirts I would try if I had more time before Christmas.
This Christmas tree skirt doesn't actually look that hard to make.  I am soooooo tempted. 

This is a small table-top tree skirt.  It also doesn't look that hard, does it?  It looks like straight strips sewn together and then cut into wedges.

It's just a bunch of triangles, right?  I could TOTALLY whip that up in... a couple years. *sobs*
She only took 11 months.  That means I'll only take... oh forget it, this one is out of my reach.  But IT'S SO PRETTY!!!!

This lady proved that it's not as impossible as I think!

There isn't much of an explanation on how to do this, but I like that she used pre-made Christmas images rather than sewing her own from scratch.  It makes it seem more possible  :)

I don't think I could give this away once I was finished like the lovely lady that made this.  She is so kind!

Someone did a different version of the last pattern.  It looks nice  :)

Patchwork Pottery is awesome.  I did a few illustrations for patterns for Lauraine Yuyama a while back and I can never say enough good things about how talented she is and how lovely her designs are.  I am highly envious of her beautiful tree skirt  :D

This is a very pretty one that looks like it would be fitting for an Autumn theme too.  I like the design  :)

This one looks like it might be possible to make.  Especially because there are no rounded edges!  Hm...

Which one is your favourite?  What projects would you do if you had more time before Christmas?

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