Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fun Gift Ideas to Crochet or Knit

Here I am obsessing over what I would do if I had more time in the world... again  :)  I think you'll like these ideas too! 
What's not to love about a foxy stash basket?  I love it!
The colours on this vintage blossom dishcloth are bright and perfect!
I can't knit, but this owl dishcloth is so cute!
This hooded poncho is just adorable!  I love the excess of button on the button up section.
So cute!  I don't know if I could wipe anything with it except... air.
I love the colours and stripes on this... and it's supposed to be fairly easy!
Maybe you could make a bundle for a sweet friend?
I can see myself cuddling up to this  :D
So cute!

I hope you are having a fun time contemplating what you want to make for Christmas!  Have a great week!

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