Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Printable Christmas Banners

It was the first of December and my home was instantly transformed into a Winter Wonderland!  Well, we had Christmas lights up, a bedazzling Christmas tree, various holiday home decor, and one beooootiful poinsettia  :)

I was thrilled!  Now I just need a holiday banner!  Here are some that I have collected from the Internet.
I think this would be fun and easy to do.  I just got a new pack of white cardstock... so tempting!

The magic of Christmas?  Oh yeah...

This one is a bit pointy for me, but it has nice warm colours.

I like the shape of these, and they are very merry indeed!

Classic red and white.  I wish it was more legible, but the shape of these pendants is good!

Oh too cute.  I love it.

Jingle around the clock banner.  I love the design  :D

A gothic Winter banner... oooh...

If you're in the mood for origami, there's always my old origami heart Christmas banner too!

Happy decorating!

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