Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Midori D-Clips In The Shop

I have been happily filling my store with new products lately.  One of my favourite new things are these adorable paperclips by Midori.  They come in a variety of different shapes, but they are all so darn cute!
There's a cute little penguin
 A pretty bird
 A butterfly (I had to add this one to my shop since I carry so many butterfly paper shapes)
 A car (because my friend voted and said this was her favourite)
 An alligator/crocodile (because they are awesome)
 A duck... just because
 An elephant (because I have so many origami elephants in my shop and I am mildly obsessed with them)
 A hippo (because "I want a hippopotamus for Christmas")
 An airplane
 Squirrels (because who doesn't love these nut-crazy tree planters)
 A turtle (because my sister has turtles... oh yeah, that totally makes sense, right?)
A whale (it just looked cool)

You'll find them all in my shop.  Hurry, favourite styles sell out fast!  Also, ribbon and washi tape are on sale right now.  Go check it out!

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